Peter Facinelli Alex’s Lemonade PSA!

21 05 2010


Peter Facinelli recently did a public service announcement for Alex’s Lemonade! Peter is an avid supporter of the charity, and it really is a great charity to support! So, be sure to check out the PSA, and if you can donate to Alex’s Lemonade!


Rob DeFranco is Running A Marathon – Peter Tweets!

11 04 2010

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Peter Facinelli’s friend Rob DeFranco is running a marathon, and the proceeds go to the Christopher Reeve Foundation! Peter tweeted about it today. You may recall Rob as the ‘bikini dance guy’ and he may have lost a bet to Peter once upon a time. Rob better beware, though, because it looks like Peter wants to make another bet.  Here’s what Peter tweeted today:

If you didn’t know, Peter is a supporter of the Christopher Reeve Foundation– it is one of the many charities he supports. You can find out more about the charities Peter support by clicking here! And here is a little info about the Christopher Reeve Foundation:

Christopher Reeve Foundation

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.

For more info or to donate, visit the Christopher Reeve Foundation

Also, we all know (or if you didn’t know, you do now) how I like to make graphics for a cause! I should have seriously called this blog ‘Graphics For A Cause,’ but ‘We Heart Peter’ had a better ring to it, haha. Anyways, I made icons that you can use on Twitter, blogs, etc., and you can show your support for Team Reeve! Also be sure to wish Rob (@211me) good luck when he runs the marathon, send him a tweet!

So, please feel free to use and repost these graphics however you choose! And also help Rob DeFranco when he runs the marathon by donating what you can to this amazing cause! You can make a donation by clicking here!


Jackie (WHP –Admin) 😛

Peter Facinelli At ‘New Moon’ DVD Release Party in NYC

20 03 2010

Thanks to Twilight Cullens there are some cool videos of Peter at the Midnight Release Party for the ‘New Moon’ DVD in New York City! Click the links below to watch the videos!

Peter Facinelli @ Best Buy NYC- New Moon Dvd Release Party
Uploaded by freaky_devil. – Explore more family videos.

Peter Facinelli @ Best Buy NYC Trivia Question
Uploaded by freaky_devil. – Family events, birthdays and parenting videos.

Thanks to @freakydevil and Twilight Cullens! 🙂

70+ Screencaps of Peter Facinelli On ‘Lopez Tonight’

19 03 2010

So, as promised I made Peter screencaps from his interview on ‘Lopez Tonight’ ….which was an awesome interview! So, if you haven’t watched it yet, definitely do! Enjoy the screencaps!

You can view more screencaps by clicking here!

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Peter Facinelli on ‘Lopez Tonight’

18 03 2010

Youtube version of Peter Facinelli on ‘Lopez Tonight.’ WordPress wouldn’t post the video player on the Lopez Tonight site *sigh*…however, if you want to check that one out, please click here!


TwiHards4Charity Graphics!

9 02 2010


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Yesterday I posted about TwiHards4Charity, which is a way Twilight fans can unite to help out charity. It was started by Rob DeFranco– who is a friend of  Peter’s.

So, one of my goals on this site, is to make graphics that everyone can use that supports the charities/causes Peter supports. Good lookin’ graphics, that help spread a message! It’s what I love to do, haha! So, for today’s batch, I made TwiHards4Charity graphics! Five icons & one banner! Please feel free to use! And please spread the word! I’ll be making some more when I get a chance, but I hope you guys like these!

And be sure to visit the TwiHards4Charity website by clicking here!


Jackie (WHP –Admin)

P.S. A great way to use these if you have a blog/site would be to post one of the icons on your sidebar and link back to!

Twihards4Charity – Twilight Fans Unite For Charity

9 02 2010

Rob DeFranco and Peter Facinelli have teamed up to unite Twilight fans to help charity– this is absolutely amazing!

So, what Rob DeFranco and 211me have decided to do, with the help and support of Twilight star Peter Facinelli, is create a place where Twilight fans can go to share in the joy of giving.

“What Rob is trying to do and what I support is this website and uniting the Twihards for a common goal,” says Peter Facinelli. “The one thing that binds Twilight fans is the franchise and the books, and I think that if we band together and have those Twihards focus their energy on things other than the books, I think great things can happen because they’re so dedicated and so passionate.”

The website is, and it has just launched this weekend.

The official mission of the new campaign is as follows:

Twihards4Charity is a new social campaign that helps Twilight fans from all over the world make a difference by uniting them with a common goal – to give to those in need through charities and special causes. 211me has brought in sponsors, brands and support from celebrity favorites like Peter Facinelli to provide TwiHards with Twilight-themed products they love. In return, a portion of the proceeds from every sale will go to a designated cause or charity.

As Peter Facinelli explains it, “Rob Defranco from 211me said ‘Hey, what about doing a website?’ since a lot of people just don’t know where to go to help. So, this is a way that we can streamline all the people to go to one site and find out how to help, and what Rob did was band together with companies like 1-800-Flowers and he’s working on other companies to come together so that they can work together with Rob and basically put the merchandising up there. So, since people are going to buy merchandise anyway, why not have part of it go toward Haiti relief?”

To find out more about TwiHards4Charity, please click here.

SOURCE: Twilight Examiner